4 Steps to your Full Drivers Licence


1. Driver Thoery Test

Find out how take a drivers thoery test in Ireland.

Mock Theory Test

Take mock theory test here at easyDrive for Free.

2. Obtain a Learner Permit

Find out how get your learners permit in Ireland.



3. EDT Lessons

Find out whats needed for EDT driving lessons in Ireland.


4. Pre Test Driving Course 99% Pass Rate

Find out the best way to prepare yourself for a driving test in Ireland.

Driving Test Car Hire

Rent a car for your driving test for any of Dublins driving test centers.


Driving Test Center Locations

Find out where to take your Driving Test in Dublin and Ireland.


Motorway Training

Learn To Drive on Dublins Motorways


Instructor Training

Find out how to become an RSA adi in Dublin


Intensive Driving course

Learn to drive in one day!

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Student Deals
**12 EDT Driving Lessons €299**
6 EDT Driving Lessons €179

1st edt Lesson €18



Driving Lessons Dublin

For Driving lessons Dublin you've just made the greatest decision amoung others on your driver training. Learning to drive with us will be made easy.

Choosing a driving school for your driving lessons can be difficult but we at easyDrive have been in operation almost 10 years and our team of individual adi driving instructors have up to 20 years teaching experience.

There are many searches of 'Drivng lessons Dublin Best driving schools in Dublin', 'Driving Lesson Dublin' 'Cheap driving lessons' on Google with many convincing results. The truth is many driving schools at the top of the searches are new driving schools with unrealistic reviews without photos that anyone can make. Many of the instructors maybe newly qualified and not suited to your needs.

There is no substitute for driving instructor experience!

99% of easyDive students have passed their driving test first time Dublin and we have the prove. Visit our Facebook with real photos from real people. Our pass rate is based upon taken our pre test course! Our Driving instructors will check your vehicle for any technical issue's and that all your documents are in place to avoid any unnecessary fails. A Good Driving Instructor will know this and we never encounter people failing for this because we care and we will share a driving school car for your driving test if needed. We have heard many stories of people failing due to this and it simply could be avoided by having a knowlegable driving instructor that will ensure your car is ready to take the driving test with you. We have an unmatched record and all our clients recomend us. See our advise & Guides at the bottom.

Essential Driving Training

As a learner driver on receipt of your learner permit in Ireland you'll will need to take EDT Driving lessons in order to take the Irish practical Driving Test. EDT is 12 mandatory lessons in the essential driver training programme set out by the Irish Government and (RSA) Road Safety Authority. EDT Lessons Covering all you'll need to know to safe on the road and pass your driving test in ireland. easyDrive will adapt to suit your needs weather you need to complete your edt fast or at your own pace.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Many people are convinced automatic cars are easier to drive. This is not true. People fail driving tests as much as manual cars. To drive an automatic car you need to be exceptionally good with braking. By not having good braking skills in automatic cars it causes many mistakes such as position, car control, incorrrect ability with steering and progress. All of our students that complete our lessons never have problems with gears and clutchs because our instructors are the best and we know how to explain things well. If you pass a driving test in an automatic you'll never be able to drive an manual car. If you want to learn learn to drive in an automatic we will help you. We run automatic driving lessons Dublin city.

If you can pass in an automatic you could easily pass in a manual car!

Pretest Driving Lessons

Once your EDT lessons is complete and your ready to apply for your driving test. It's very important to start your pre test lessons before applying for your test. All people eventually pass the test. Many fail the test more than 3 times. Why? because of the lack of preparation.

The best way to prepare for your driving test is to take pre test lessons asap so you know whats needed to have success First Time.

All our students pass the first time!


Because the advice of our instructors is best out there due to our huge experience. Some of our instructors are teaching up to 20 years. When you go to test you will pass!

Unlike other driving schools that dont understand and guess when your ready to pass have low pass rates. We wont take your money and send you to test unprepared because people always eventually pass and we know when you're ready to pass. Our pass rate stands on the shoulders of giants above the rest.

Our pre test course is Dublin's leading expert pretest course chosen by 1000's.

Dont trust fake reviews with no photos or no people in the photos!


Motorway Training

Just passed your driving test, Nervous about driving on Irelands busy motorways? Then perhaps you should book a two hour Motorway Driving lessons with easyDrive. Our Dublin driving school will teach you how to drive on motorways confidently, courtesly and safely starting in Dublin. We offer a Driver Lessons on Motorways such as, M1, M2, M3, M4, M11, or M50 in either your own car or one of ours.

Instructor Training

Want to be your own boss as a Driving instructor? easyDrive offer 1 to1 training in all stages of the adi exams. Maybe your an adi but want more work. To work with us or find out more call us today.


Male & Female Driving Instructors

There are many requests for female driving instructors in the Dublin area. If you wish take your driving lessons with a female driving instructor we have female instructors with over 10 years in driving instruction industry. We have female driving instructors offering edt and lessons to suit your needs.

Dual-Controlled Cars

Learning to drive in our driving school cars will be made easy. All our school cars have dual controls so your driving instructor can keep you on track. We'll always encourage you into your own asap and as soon as you are ready. This is were the confidence will be gained. We offer our students the best possible driving lesson experience . Your driving experience will be made easy at easyDrive.

Test Car Hire

easyDrive offer our driving school vehicles for your test at any of Dublin's test centers. To pay click prices.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

If you wants gift vouchers for christmas, birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, etc. We have have gift voucher for all. Once you purchase a gift voucher for driving lessons in dublin we will have it ready for printing instantly.


easyDrive Wall of Success

Students Learning to Drive in Dublin with us dont just scrape the driving test. Our Stuents Mostly pass with just 1 or 2 minor marks!

Meet Ailleen Creedon

Aileen got 1 mark in her Driving test in Dublin! Passed easy in 2015.

Thanks a mil ken for getting out of your sick bed to help me pass. Dedication at its finest. Still only getting over the shock at passing!! Thanks a million!!

Damien got 2 Grade 1 faults. These faults dont even affect the test. Clean slate Passed easy in 2015.

Thank you so much easydrive for the 6 hours driving lessons in Dublin. I didnt think i was ready before my driving lessons but after the mock driving test i knew i could pass this driving test.

Passed my driving test yesterday thanks to all of easydrive driving schools help! The lessons were structured so well and broken up to cover all sections they mark you in for your driving test! I couldn't have felt more prepared! I had failed a driving test before and I had done a lot of lessons with another instructor and didn't feel prepared at all, I failed really badly, and it wasn't until I did the lessons with easydrive that I actually realised were I was going wrong! Also appreciated that I was fit in for my 6 lessons a few days before my test! Would recommend easydrive to anyone doing their test! 

Passing your driving test is only easy with easyDrive