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Driving Lessons In Ireland Dublin with easyDrive Driving School

Our Driving School Ireland Dublin offers Expert Driving Lessons. We offer Pre - Test lessons, EDT lessons, Eco Driver Training, Advanced Driving in Dublin, Ireland and throughout Dublin..We offer a fully qualified RSA adi Male & Female driving instructors ensuring you receive the best tuition in the business. We will enhance your car driving skills beyond passing your driving test and onto more advanced driving if required.

Taking Car driving lessons with our driving school you will learn to drive in a safe controlled environment with specialist training lessons helping you prepare for your driving test and learning safe driving for life.

easyDrive Driving School has a 98% PASS RATE


"Passed my driving test yesterday thanks to all of help from easydrive. The lessons were structured so well and broken up to cover all sections they mark you in for your driving test! I couldn't have felt more prepared! I had failed a driving test before and I had done a lot of lessons with another instructor and didn't feel prepared at all, I failed really badly, and it wasn't until I did the lessons with Amber driving that I actually realised were I was going wrong! Also appreciated that I was fit in for so many lessons a few days before my test! Would recommend easydrive to anyone doing their test! Shauna"

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The best driving lessons in Dublin


Essential Driver Training (EDT)

If your learner driving permit was issued after April 2011 you must legally complete the 12 EDT driving lessons. We are here to get you on the road and test ready. We will get you through your edt lessons swiftly casue we know you want to get those stamps out of the way and get behind the wheel of your car and pass that driving test..Start your edt driving lessons blackrock today with easydrive

Pre test lessons

When it comes to taking your driving test we have the wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the test with our 98% first time pass rate. Our pre test 6 hour driving course is tailored specificly on the factors of your driving that will be most likely to lead you to fail. Its very important to be ready early to have right knowledge to perform on the day. Our pre test expert driving instructor will give you the easiest chance of passing your test first time! Take a pre test driving lessons with the best driving school in Dublin.

Start your driving lessons from your desired location

You can start and complete lessons from home, college or work or perhaps take a commentary lessons from work instead of the expensive taxi in

Learn to drive with a female instructor

We have male and female driving instructors throughout All our driving instructors have great local knowlege of the roads where you live. This allows your lessons to be planned to perfection.

easyDrive Driving School Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers for all occaisions, birthdays, Christmas, mothers day, fathers day, graduation, boyfriend, girlfriend.Give them the gift of driving lessons. You can create a personalised gift voucher .

Motorway Driving Lessons

Our Motorway tuition is designed for the new driver who has just passed their test to gain experience and acquire the necessary skills to drive on motorways.

A motorway can be a hostile and frightening environment if you have just passed your test.

The Road Safety Authority recommends that we inform all drivers who have just passed their test that motorway tuition is available from us. We can’t stress enough how important the Motorway course is.

We are not allowed to take you on a motorway until you have passed your driving test, so you will not get any experience of motorway driving until you obtain your full driving licence

Lessons are 2 hours and consist of the following elements:

  • · Journey planning 
  • · Joining and leaving motorways.
  • · Speed awareness.
  • · Effective observation.
  • · Signs, signals and markings.
  • · Lane discipline.
  • · Overtaking.
  • · Using care, courtesy and consideration
  • · Fatigue and how to deal with it.
  • · What to do if you breakdown.
  • · How to handle hazards.
  • · How to handle roadworks
  • · Dealing with link roads and slip roads


Driving Test Pass Success Stories

Sandra O' Connor
Thank you again for all ur help thanks to you I now have a pink licence :-)
16 January at 18:28 via Mobile

Raymond Yongxin Zhou
Thanks Ken for everything. The instructor has perfect personality and patience, he has corrected me a lot of bad habits, so I could pass the easily. 5 star recommend!!!!
25 February at 18:14 near Dublin

Ruth McCarron
Thanks again for everything. Passed my test first time round and very happy. :)
2 March at 15:17

Stacy Kenny
passed my drivin test on halloween after only two pretests with ken :)
13 March at 19:31 via Mobile

Robbie Carr
highly recommended to anyone looking to pass their test in Dublin!
13 March at 10:06

Oxana Hefferon

Happy Paddy's to all! Thanks for Amber Driving for great dedication for prepping learners for driving test!
17 March at 17:19 via Mobile

Vicky Timmins
Passed my test in today, thanks to Ken who helped me correct all the bad habits I had picked up over the years. I would highly recommend to learner and experienced drivers looking to improve their driving skills and pass the test! Good luck to all :-)
19 March at 18:31

Edel Gally
Past my test today I'm so happy first time to do my test and I past thanks ken for all you help I chouldnt have done it with you
5 April at 12:56

Vanesita Kernan
Absolutely delighted i passed today. Thanks to Ken for being a great driving instructor : )
8 April at 18:57

Paul Cushen
passed my test today, thanks ken. tester said i only got one or 2 minor marks.
30 May at 10:05

Kevin Burke
Past my test last saturday at test center, thanks Ken for the right lessons.
17 June at 18:16 near Dublin

Oxana Hefferon Thanks to amber driving training for very professional lessons for be able driving safe and easy!

easyDrive Driving School  2 March
Congratulations to Katie Dooley passing the driving test first time on   with our short pre test course on raheny driving test routes.

easyDrive Driving School 2 March
Congratulations to Aaron Dillon passing the driving test in with some pre test driving lessons dublin on test routes.

easyDrive Driving School  2 March
Congratulations to Roisin fannin Passing her driving test first time in with our short Pre test course on driving test routes.

easyDrive Driving School  2 March
Well done to Carl Hales passing the driving test in with a couple of pretests on driving test routes.

easyDrive Driving School  2 March
Well done to Andrew passing in driving test centre with a few pre tests.

easyDrive Driving School 10 March via Mobile
Congrats to Robbie Carr for completing his edt lessons with and passing his driving test in .

easyDrive Driving School 11 March via Mobile
Congratulations to Daragh Killeen from who passed his driving test today in with's pretest lessons.

easyDrive Driving School 11 March via Mobile
70% of people fail a driving test first time. 98% of our pupils have passed in 2013 so far

easyDrive Driving School 21 March via Mobile
Congratulations to Viki Timmons passing her driving test in with our short pre test course.

easyDrive Driving School 25 March via Mobile
Special offer!! When u buy a 2 hour driving lessons in dublin. You get 1 free!!! Offer ends April1st.

easyDrive Driving School  5 April via Mobile
Congrats to Edel gally passing her driving test first time with few lessons from dublin

easyDrive Driving School 8 April via Mobile
Congratulations to Vanessa keran passing her driving test first time with's driving lessons in dublin.

easyDrive Driving School, 15 May via Mobile
Congratulations to veronica from Smithfield Dublin whom we from the beginning to test day. Veronica took her driving lessons in dublin north. Veronica put in the hard work and passed her driving test with ease only getting a small number of marks.

easyDrive Driving School 15 May via Mobile
Congratulations to Damien from Dublin city centre passing in with's driving lessons dublin pre test course.

easyDrive Driving School 30 May
Congratulations to Paul cushen, passing his test in dublin. Paul passed with ease and sure confidence having taking's short pretest raheny course on raheny driving test routes.

easyDrive Driving School 12 June
Buy 4 EDT Driving lessons in Dublin for for the price of one... €35!. The value is NORMALLY €140. The cheapest €8 driving lessons in Dublin or Ireland. To find out more call now. Offer stands for limited time only so hurry and buy now!

easyDrive Driving School 16 June via Mobile
Congratulations to Kevin Burke passing his driving test first time in dublin. Kevin didn't have his own car, Kevin put in the practice in the school car on dublin driving test routes but still passed easily. Well done.

easyDrive Driving School 26 June via Mobile
Congratulations to Marcelo passing his driving test with




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