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easyDrive Driving School offers small to medium sized businesses a specialised driver training programme for employees who drive as part of their work. If you manage your company’s fleet of cars or vans, no matter how big or small, you have a legal responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the safety of employees on the road. With over 20% of all fatalities and collisions on our roads involving a work related vehicle it makes good business sence to implement a driving for work policy and comply with the Safety in Workplace Act 2005.

Who does the Act apply to?

The Act applies to all employers, self-employed and employees in all places of work. It also places duties on designers, suppliers, manufacturers and others concerned with work activities.

We offer on road risk assessments to advanced driver Training to all our clients.

easyDrive Driving School Fleet provide the most competitive and cost affective driver training solutions Available.


Benefits of Driver Training

Risk Drivers

Risk Assessment

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