Risk Drivers

How at risk are your drivers?

Driving is the most dangerous thing that we do! In fact, the more miles you cover each year the more at risk you are of being injured or killed in an accident. High mileage business drivers for instance, have around the same risk of being killed as a quarry worker (who is second only to deep sea fishermen in the dangerous jobs league!!)
Advanced driving lessons designed to improve your driving skills and Hazard
awareness which will reduce your chances of being in a road accident, eco training, is designed to coach your drivers in a range of  techniques to help them become better drivers reduceing fuel consumption, wear and tear costs and CO 2 emissions. So you can help save the planet all at the same time.

As our roads become more crowded this type of training is becoming an essential part of keeping safe when driving and saving money.


We offer on road risk assesments to advanced driver Training to all our clients.

easyDrive Driving School Fleet provide the most competitive and cost affective driver training solutions Available.













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