Driving Lessons Adamstown

About Us

easydrive ADI Driving School. The Leading driving school for driving lessons are highly skilled at setting their coaching skills at a level that will guarantee you learn quickly. During your lesson they will give full assistance when required, or simply use prompts to help guide you to a successful outcome. Their aim is to transfer the skills necessary for you to achieve total independent driving.

This method of teaching combined with the excellent training resources you receive will quickly build your confidence, and help you prepare for a successful driving test day.

You can choose between male and female instructors.

We have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service, reliability and delivering results.

We have helped over 10,000 local customers with their driving lessons over 10 years.

We constantly innovate the systems we use to deliver excellence in service to our customers, and adapt our teaching and coaching style to meet the requirements of a changing driving enviroment.

Choosing a driving instructor is now just as important as choosing a good car mechanic. Gone are the days when a learner driver could sit their test after learning with a parent or older sibling, and gone are the days when a driving tester would take you for a spin for 10 minutes and you recieve a licence weather you were fully competent or not. Under new Irish Legislation, every new driver must by law complete a course of 12 lessons with an approved instructor.

How do you choose which instructor to go with? We have been in the driver training industry for 10 years and we’ve built a solid reputation for excellent customer services and delivering tangible results.