Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving Courses from RSA Approved Instructors, adapted to suit your requirements!

  We all like to think that we are best drivers on the road. But it's a fact that driving could be much safer, enjoyable and less stressful for all of us from the knowledge acquired from taking advanced driving lessons in Dublin. Driving is the most dangerous thing that we do! In fact, the more miles you cover each year the more at risk you are of being injured in an accident. High mileage business drivers for instance, have around the same risk of being killed as a quarry worker (who is second only to deep sea fishermen in the dangerous jobs league!!)
Advanced driving lessons designed to improve your driving skills and awareness which will reduce your chances of being in a road accident.
As our roads become more crowded this type of training is becoming an essential part of keeping safe when driving.

Other Benefits:

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced levels of driving stress in heavy traffic
  • Improved fuel consumption (save over 20%)
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • How Do I Book This Course?
    We have the best advanced Driving Instructors so all we need is your location and your contact details and our team do all the rest!
    First you need to contact us and we can then give you any advice you may require on the advanced driving courses we have available.
     Your local instructor will then call you to arrange a date and meeting place which can be at your home, work place or an agreed meeting point.


























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