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Our instructors have upwards of 20 years experience each. The best in the driving school business for providing driving lessons Dublin. What you want is to Pass Your Driving Test quickly after Learning to Drive Professionally . You get what you pay for so invest wisely on your learner driver route. easyDrive Driving School Dublin has been around alot longer than most of the glossy websites you see on Google. That means that passing your driving test  happens to 99% of pretest cliants first time with as little as 16 hours training from start to finish.



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If you've been searching Google for a driving school in Dublin we are ready to get you behind the wheel. We have a team of expert driving instructors ready to start you in your area.

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Whats expected of you at any Dublin test Center

You must have completed your 12 EDT lessons and your instructor must have uploaded them to rsa.ie in order for you to get a test date. Both yourself and your car need to be prepared for the test driving test. Don't leave it until the last minute, the more prepared you are the more confidence you'll have on the day. Fail To prepare - Prepare to Fail!


Book Your test online at RSA.ie only. The national wait time for a test date is about 10 weeks so it is important to plan what test center in Dublin and when you would like to sit the test. On test day make sure you have the below in order before the day of your test:

  1. Current up to date learner permit.
  2. Valid NCT, tax disc and insurance covering you to drive the vehicle.
  3. L-plates should be clearly displayed on front and back of the vehicle with correct border.
  4. The vehicle you are sitting your test in must correspond with the driving licence category you are taking the test for. This includes taking the test in an automatic car meaning your licence will be for automatic cars only.
  5. The vehicle should be roadworthy with all lights where fitted working and tyres above the minimum tread depth.
  6. Arrive on time for your test and wait in the waiting area 10 min beofre test time. Late applicants won't be accomodated.
    If you feel extra nervous you can take a pre-test with your instructor before taking the test. Do this months in advance in order to know whats expected of you!

RSA states that there is a high percentage of driving’s tests not carried out due to a range of reasons below:

  1. Vehicle presents a fault at test centre
  2. Candidate does not bring the required documents
  3. Candidate does not show up for the test
  4. Candidate is late for the test, arrives at the wrong time slot or at the wrong test centre

The Test will require the knowledge of:

  1. The rules of the road
  2. Dealing with hazzards ie: cyclists, other vehicle types, obstructions and pedestrians)
  3. Present the ability, skill and knowledge of how to drive competently with the rules of the road.

The test will in total will take about 1 hour start to finish:

  1. Questions on the Rules of the Road (including identifying road signs)
  2. Demonstrating hand signals
  3. Reversing round a corner
  4. Turnabout manoeuvre
  5. A hill start
  6. Driving approximately five miles in a variety of road and traffic conditions

The areas your driving will be assessed on will match with the skills you leaned during your EDT lessons including:

  1. Speed
  2. Progress
  3. Road Positioning
  4. Maintaining proper control of vehicle
  5. Overtaking and passing other road users
  6. Use of mirrors and signals
  7. Demonstrate anticipation, awareness and observation
  8. Traffic lights use and compliance
  9. Use of vehicle controls correctly
  10. Road signs and road markings

Tips on passing your Driving test in Dublin

The majority of test candidates who fail do so because of a lack of planning and Preparation.


1.Apply at the Correct time

Everyone should pass their driving test the first time. With the correct lessons from easyDrive you'll understand when you're ready and won't apply beforhand.

2. My driving standard

Driving to a high standard is not enough to ensure test success.

Being able to drive is only 50% ready. You must have a good ability to react from experience to whats happening around you, and to act accordingly to others and others missed reactions.

If your struggling with controlling any part of the car Physically then your'e far from test standard!

The skill of Physically driving a car doesn't feature very highly in the driving test results.Only 'moving away under control' and 'lack of steering control' find their way into the top ten. Many People try combating the test with an automatic car and still end up with same results!If your are having even slight difficulty with clutch, steering control, Brakes, then your'e not ready. If you have difficulty in these areas, please don't put in for your test until you feel totally confident in your ability. When you have to do an uphill start, if you are scared that you may roll back and feeling nervous about it, then trust me, you are not ready for your test.
So, ask yourself (and your instructor) if your physical driving ability is up to test standard. If it isn't, carry on working on it until it is.
Physicaly Driving a car is the easiest bit to master, the hardest part is the thinking behind it. That comes with experience. Good judgement can only happen once you master the car.


3. Get Prepared

Nerves can play such a large part on how you are able to perform on the day. So many people say after their test: 'but I never do that normally!' So that means that your driving isn't good under presure and your'e not fully prepared. Driving should be automatic under and condition and simply put You're not prepared enough!

That means your driving standards must be far superior than driving test standard to be confident under pressure

No good instructor will let a pupil take their test before they are ready, as it's very demoralising to fail your test.

4. Advice

If you follow your instuctors advice from your very first driving lesson you'll go to test feeling confident in your ability, then you will have the best chance possible of passing your test on the first time. From our experience the people that do take our advice from the start always pass first time with minimum cost!

Thats 99% of you!

5.Don't waste your money

Most people will fail the test 3 times or more due to the lack of preparation and experience? Thats €255 down the toilet.

If we could collect that wasted revenue we would'nt need to opperate. Our 6hr pretest Course

Dublin's First Driving test training course. Take our pretest course ASAP months before your test date for best results.


EDT Lessons Dublin

If you are a first time learner driver with own your own car the we will show you the best way for you to plan each of the 12 edt lessons so it saves you money overall.

In sinmple terms, your first driving lesson is really about being able to move off and stop safely! If feel that you can stop safely after you have completed your first edt lesson in with your RSA adi approved driving instructor, Then practise moving off and stopping until you are an untill you have reached a highe standard! Your sponsor driver will help you achieve the final outcomes of the lesson.

Did you Know that you cannot sit a driving test until 6 months from the date of issue of your learner permit? This is to allow you sufficient Driving practice time so that you are able to take a driving test and not be dissapointed!

If you take your edt lessons to close together then you will end up taking double the lessons than you actually needed.

Did you know the (RSA) Road Safety Authority recommended that you complete 3-5 hours of practice between each EDT lessons?

We recomend that you be 100% sure of each module before you take your next lesson. Some people maybe great after 3-5 hours and others may take longer. People learn at different rates and some people may need extra help from an adi instructor. To take lessons in your own car, please make sure car is legal and safe and your tyres are legal.

So what if you are a first time learner driver and don't own your own car?

We recommended that you take one EDT lesson in city every two or three weeks or when you are ready. In between each EDT lesson take as many hours driving practise with your adi driving instructor. You need to be an expert at the module you're covering with your adi approved driving instructor to be able to pass a driving test.

Overall you will need the legally required 6 months of driving practice to be happy on driving test day.


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