Motorway Lessons

This Motorway Driving lessons is 2 hours
Just passed your driving test, Nervous about driving on Irelands busy motorways?

Then perhaps you should book a two hour Motorway Driving lessons with easyDrive.

Our Dublin driving school will teach you how to drive on motorways confidently, courtesly and safely starting in Dublin. We offer a Driver Lessons on Motorways such as, M1, M2, M4, or M11, M50 in either your own car or one of ours.

Motorway Lesson structure includes:
* Planning journeys in advance.
* Joining and leaving motorways
* Lane discipline
* Effective observation and anticipation
* Signs, signals and markings
* Safe speeds in different circumstances
* Courtesy to other road users
* Motorway fatigue
* Breakdown and emergency procedures
* Road rage.


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